How strategic goals can glean insights from analytics

Platforms pivot: YouTube apes TikTok and Meta shifts focus away from metaverse

In my previous roles as the director of digital products and platforms at a large regional public media group in the US, there was a growing hunger from our senior leadership for insights not just numbers in our analytics, and in my current role as the consulting services director at Pugpig, the hunger for insights from our clients is almost insatiable. Leaders want insights to guide their decision-making and provide a rationale for those decisions to their stakeholders. 

INMA has an excellent example of how a media company can use its strategic goals as a filter for insights. 

WAN-IFRA has a piece by UGC and community infrastructure provider Viafoura on data that they have that shows that UGC contributors are important for driving subscriptions and then retaining them. This goes beyond the old argument about UGC and stickiness because Viafoura is not just talking about UGC contributors but registered UGC contributors. By requiring contributors to register, it is part of a strategy to shift them from unknown to known.  

Platforms pivot with shifts in social media and technology

The major platforms are in a state of flux right now with new challengers and new technology. Adam Tinworth summarises comments from the new head of YouTube as they add features to meet the challenge from TikTok. 

Less than two years after Zuck rebranded the company Meta to announce their metaverse ambitions, the company is pivoting again and will focus more on AI as it announces that it will lay off thousands of more staff. In many ways, this makes sense as a response to the competitive threat of Tiktok. TikTok's success has been attributed to its advanced AI algorithm, which has been described as creepycreating obsession or even driving addiction.  Those were the first results when I did a quick search for TikTok AI algorithm. 

And speaking of social platforms, here is a profile of the News Movement, which is producing social media videos for outlets like the Associated Press. This piece reviews the types of videos that the company is producing, and as they say, this isn't your mother and father's video news. 

Industry News: A well-heeled climate news start-up and UK publisher Reach is creating articles with AI

And in our industry wrap, Axios reviews a climate news startup that focuses on climate news. What's interesting to me is that at launch, they are focusing on consumer subscriptions instead of enterprise subs for businesses with exposure or interest to climate change and climate-related policy. 

And in today's large-language model, generative AI story, we have Reach publishing its first articles using these tools. The company's CEO, Jim Mullen, said the company saw an "opportunity to automate content based primarily on data and lists".

opportunity to automate content based primarily on data and listsopportunity to automate content based primarily on data and lists